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     We are in the midst of Jesus’ farewell discourse to His apostles.  These are the words of comfort that Jesus speaks at the Last Supper to His disciples and these words are spoken to us.  In His farewell discourse Jesus says “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you…”  He goes on to say “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid…”
    All of us would like this gift of peace.  The gift of peace is promised us by Our Risen Lord.  Popularly, peace can have many descriptions.  For someone in chronic pain, one or two hours of relief from the pain could be peace.  For students and teachers anticipating the end of classes and exams in the next couple of months might bring a sense of peace.  For a mother raising children, who is dealing with the many stresses of daily life, some quiet time may be peace.  The end of conflict such as in Syria could be seen as peace.
    What is this gift of peace that our Risen Lord wishes to give us?  How do we receive it?  A traditional greeting among the Jews is “Peace”, “Shalom”.  It is a greeting that wishes everyone the very best.  That the hearer could enjoy a life in which nothing is lacking.  As biblical times went on, the Jews regarded peace as the time of the Messiah.  The Messiah was the one who would usher in an era of peace.  Jesus, himself was the Messiah, the anointed One who came to usher in this era of peace.  The author of the letter to the Ephesians referred to Jesus as “Christ, our Peace”.  Possibly, we can define peace as having awareness, an experience, a state of being in which we are in communion with the Presence of God.  Peace could then be described as a state of well- being in which we are united with God.
    How do we get this peace?  The Gift of the Holy Spirit makes this peace possible.  We can ask for it in prayer.  One of the fruits of praying the rosary is to receive the gift of peace.  At Fatima, Portugal, Our Blessed Mother asked us to pray the five-decade rosary every day.  If we heed her requests, we will have peace in our world and in our individual lives.  So to the second question “How can I receive this gift of peace” the answer is by prayer.  By asking for the gift of peace.
    We all have our difficulties and problems.  Prayer enables us to deal with the various challenges which we face in a calm and serene manner.
    Jesus promises “The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything.”  The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity sent by the Father and the Son into us so we can have God’s abiding presence.  In reference to the Holy Spirit being called the Advocate or the Paraclete,  Gerard Manley Hopkins stated “A Paraclete is one who cheers, who encourages, who persuades, who exhorts, who stirs up, who urges forward, who cheers us on…What clapping hands are to a speaker, what a trumpet is to a soldier, a Paraclete is to the soul.”
    If we commit ourselves to prayer, over time, we will experience the Gift of Peace.  If we take time for prayer, we can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit who will teach us everything.  Let us open the doors of our hearts to these gifts.

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  • Sick & Hospitalized


         May our prayers bring healing, comfort and strength to the sick and their caregivers, remembering especially
    Mary Adams, Bill Bican, Agnes Bartoszek, Greg Basco, Gwen Beres, Mary Ann Betliskey, Bill Bican, Joyce Bican, Phillip Bilelo, Bill Connors, Corrine Dawe, Diane Dufalla, Jose Dybzinski, Maria Dybzinski, Kristin Hill, Gertrude Kocab,
    Rose Krol, Lucy Konkoly, Tom Konkoly,  Judy Landolph, Pat Lubrano, Art Madsen, Cindi Magyar, Magruerite Miller, Jeannette Morrow, Dan Palmentera, Suzanne Patton, John Pocius,
    Nancy Recko, Betty Rhine, Brianna Rhine,     Laurel Salupo, Noreen Spehar, Elaine Stack,    Rev. John Tezie, Janice Tommer, Ron Walk,      Bob Yeck, David Zelenka and Joseph Zelenka.
         May Our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven.
         For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.