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    Solemnity of the Epiphany


    The word, “Epiphania” means a showing or a revelation.  The Feast of the Epiphany marks the revelation or showing of the infant Christ to the world.  It is a great missionary Feast whose significance is that Christ is meant for the salvation of all people everywhere.


    What is the significance of the wise men?  Tradition places their number at three and their names as Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.  They are Gentile visitors, meaning not Jewish.  The point is that Gentiles who are wise men or wise women will come to adore Christ.


    What is the meaning of the three gifts which the wise men bring to the Christ Child?  They tell us of the identity of the child.  They answer the question as posed in the Christmas Carol, “What Child is this?”  They also tell us of our way to the manger.


    First, in regards to the identity of this child:

    Gold discloses that this child is truly a King.

    Incense stands for the truth that He is divine.

    Myrrh signifies His upcoming burial.  He is born to die as the Suffering Servant.


    Warned by a message in a dream the wise men avoided Herod and went back another way to their own country.  We who have found the child and His Mother again this Christmas are called to travel by another way.  We are called to avoid evil and to travel by a holier way.


    But what is this way which we are called to travel?  The three gifts of the wise men give us a direction.  They symbolically stand for the steps that you and I are called to take, to travel to the manger throughout the year.


    Gold stands for good deeds, particularly kingly generosity.  Frankincense stands for prayer.  Myrrh stands for sacrifice.


    Every mass is a divine gift exchange.  The same gift of God’s only Son that was given at the manger will be present on the altar today in the form of bread and wine.  Like wise men and wise women, we can seek the Christ.  We can give Him the gold of our good deeds; the frankincense of our prayers and the myrrh of our sacrifices.  2,000 years later, wise people of all ages can still travel to the manger in this way.


    As the gifts come forward at Mass during the offertory, why not silently place some gift from yourself upon this altar, so that you can better travel to this manger and embrace this child.


    As the gifts of bread and wine are brought forward silently place upon the altar a gift to Christ from yourself.  In light of the three gifts place consider:

    Gold – a good deed that you will do.

    Frankincense – a form of prayer which you will pray today.

    Myrrh - sacrifice that you will make today out of love for Christ.


    This is how the Mass can transform our lives and transform our world.  At every Mass, you are invited to participate in this gift exchange.  Bread and Wine are transformed into the Gift of Our Savior.  As you see the bread and wine brought up the main aisle with the collection silently place on the altar a good deed that you will do; extra prayers that you will pray or a sacrifice that you will make as a Gift to Christ.  This practice can transform you, your relationships and our world.


    As wise people of all ages let us now travel by another way, a holier way.  Today let each of us participate in the gift exchange, at every Mass.  In this way, we too, will become wise people of all ages and the Spirit of Christmas will become more fully alive in us and in our world.


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  • Sick & Hospitalized


    Let us remember in our prayers those who are sick.  May they and their caregivers receive comfort and strength, remembering especially  Mary Adams, Greg Basco, Mary Ann Betliskey,
    Noella Burrows, Pat Colburn, Donna Czyzynski, Corrine Dawe, Joseph Deccola, Carole Dlouhy,
    Jose Dybzinski, Kristin Hill, Jake Jackson,
    Millie Jasany, Suzanne Kilker, Lucy Konkoly,     Tom Konkoly, Judy Landolph,
    Bishop Richard Lennon, Barbie Lister,
    Art Madsen, Rose Meadows,
    Jeanette Miller, Marguerite Miller,
    Geri Milton, Donna Murrin, Louis Novac,
    Art Novotny, John Pocius, Megan Pucciani,
    Joel Rivera, Bob Schippling, Margaret Slechta, Mary Smith, Elaine Stack, Rev. John Tezie,
    Aaron Thiem, Ed Vitigoj, Carole Walk, Ron Walk, Robert Wagner, Vicky Yates and David Zelenka.
    For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.
    May our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven.