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  • Sick & Hospitalized


       For those who are sick and those who care for them, may they receive comfort and strength through our prayers, remembering especially Mary Adams, Agnes Bartoszek,John Balciar, Gwen Beres, Bill Bican,  Diyamol Binu, Mary Ann Betliskey,Bill Connors, Corrine Dawe,
    Dolores Dobransky, Jose Dybzinski, Kristin Hill, Lucy Konkoly,Madeline Koston, Judy Landolph,
    Cindi Magyar, Marilyn O’Meara, Nikki Milton, Suzanne Patton, Nancy Recko, Brianna Rhine, Elaine Stack, Dana Trzaska, Kindra Wisniewski and Rob Wisniewski.
    May Our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven, remembering especially Genevieve Leciejewski, whose funeral was this week.
    For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.
  • Stewardship of Treasure

    Thank you for your continued generosity and financial support.
    Sunday, July 19th
    St. Vincent dePaul Society 10.00
    Memorial Gifts 40.00
    Improement Fund 146.00
    Vincentian Missioary 20.00
  • Notes from your Pastor

    We hear the invitation from Our Blessed Lord “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  The apostles had just come back, healing people and teaching them.  Before immediately returning to the next activity Jesus counsels them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.”  We can look at this as an invitation that comes to us, to take quiet moments of prayer to be still before the Lord.
    We have Psalm 23 as our Responsorial Psalm.  The first verse states: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  In verdant pastures he gives me reposes; beside restful waters he leads me; he refreshes my soul.”
    How do the sheep begin their day?  It is by resting with the shepherd, resting in green pastures.  How do you begin your day?  It is highly recommended that we begin our days by spending some moments in prayer with Our Shepherd.  Whether we use our own words or pray the rosary, or read Scripture.  We are invited to spend quiet time with Our Lord.  Possibly, we could start with ten minutes.  Besides using our own or other words, we also are called to quiet down and be still before the Lord.
    There is a monument honoring four presidents called Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  Someone has jokingly said that the name for this awesome monument in South Dakota could be an apt title for a common sickness affecting modern society.  He calls it the Mount Rushmore Syndrome.  We rush to work or school.  We rush to make dinner or eat dinner.  We rush to watch our favorite shows on television.  We rush to get the kids in bed.  We rush so we can do other things in the evening.  And then finally, we rush off to sleep so we can get up in the morning and start rushing again.  All this rushing around is why it‘s called the Mount Rushmore Syndrome.
    We do not have to live life in a hurry or at a hectic pace.  That is how accidents and mistakes often happen.  We are invited to slow down.  Part of that slowing down process involves being still before our Blessed Lord in prayer.  We are called to find the quiet, holy place within us.  In this gentle stillness, we hear what God is whispering to us.
    In our hurried lifestyle, we may use the expression “I want this done ASAP.”  ASAP-As Soon as Possible.  Oftentimes, our expectation of soon is not realistic in terms of how long it takes to fix something or someone.  We need to learn patience.  When we pray, we need to realize that things work out according to God’s time.
    But as we think of this abbreviation ASAP, could it stand for other words?  Could there be something more important than the words  As Soon as Possible?  The letters ASAP could stand for four different words – Always Say a Prayer.
    There’s work to do, deadlines to meet and you’ve got no time to spare but as you hurry and scurry, ASAP – Always say a prayer.  While you’re in the midst of family chaos, “Quality Time” is rare.  Do your best, let God do the rest; ASAP – Always say a prayer.  Slow down and take a breather; ASAP – Always say a prayer.  God knows how stressful life is; He wants to ease our cares.  And He will respond to all your needs, ASAP – Always say a prayer.
    When was the last time you scheduled time to just be with God?  Finding a quiet place means a place where there are no distractions from other people, your career, your loved ones, your friends.  When was the last time it was just you and God, one on one?  God wants to fix what is wrong in your life, but you’ve got to give Him that chance.  Do it today.  ASAP – Always say a prayer.
  • Karen's Korner

        Did you know that there is a story about a man who visited a monk?  It goes like this:  “The monk asked him, ‘Why not?’ that was the first thing he said.  He had never seen me before.  I hadn’t said a word. ‘Why not?’ I knew he had me.  I brought up excuses:  ‘My wife . . . the people I have to work with . . . not enough time . . . I guess it’s my temperament . . .’  There was a sword hanging on the wall.  He took it and gave it to me.  Here, with this sword, you can cut through any barriers.’  I took it and slipped away without saying a word.  Back in my room in the guesthouse I sat down and kept looking at that sword.  I knew that what he said was true.  But the next day I returned his sword.  How can I live without my excuses?”  Whoa!  Think about it.  What excuses keep you from attending things here at church?  What excuses keep you from being involved in different organizations?  What excuses keep you from contributing to the church?  What excuses keep you from exercising on a regular basis?  What excuses keep you from regularly reading the Bible?  What excuses keep you from reading any spiritual book?  What excuses keep you from spending 30 minutes a day in prayer? 
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  I sure did.  I have all kinds of excuses for not doing things that I should – like exercising on a regular basis!  What are they?  I don’t have the time.  I have no place to go to exercise.  I don’t have 30 minutes to just pray!  I don’t understand the Bible!  I’d rather watch sports!  I’d rather read a good mystery novel!  There are movies I need to see that I haven’t seen yet!  I have to clean!  I have to make dinner!  And on and on and on.  We all have our excuses, but what will it take to give them up?  What will be sword that will cut through the excuses?  For me, it was my sister’s death in January.  Ever since she died, I have had to take a deep look inside myself to see what I am not doing to keep myself healthy.  I have started walking on a regular basis and eating more vegetables and less carbohydrates.  I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than I used to so
    I have the time to pray and read Scriptures.  I have learned how to read the Bible and
    I realized that TV and movies are not that `important.  Sports aren’t even that important to me anymore.  We are only given TODAY.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is just a promise.  What excuses will you keep inside of you to avoid the things that are really important?  What excuses are you willing to finally give up? 
    I still love a good mystery, but I don’t have problems putting it down and taking time to look at the stars with awe and wonder and thank my Creator for all s/he has done for me.  No, it’s not easy and there are times when I am sorely tempted to keep my excuses, but then that still, small voice reminds what is really important, and I follow where it leads me. So what is the sword that will cut through YOUR excuses?  Keep your eyes and ears open and I will see you soon!