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  • Notes from your Pastor

        We celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.  Jesus of Nazareth was a King unlike any other king.  He was and is the Son of God who became one of us in order to save us.  He came to love, heal, serve and set us free from sin and the power of evil.  Unlike other kings, he did not live in a palace, wear a crown, command a human army and he was not wealthy.
    Existentially, moment by moment, we can always say we are ruled by something or someone.  Ideally, all of us can grow in being ruled by Christ, our King.  We are called to have a Christ consciousness.  You may remember a number of years ago people work bracelets with the initials WWJD.  Those initials stood for the words, What Would Jesus Do?  Then, the implication was the wearer of the bracelet would actually do what Jesus would do.
    If Christ is Lord of my life, I am called to open myself to His directions on how I am too live.  Certainly, as we reflect upon His Life, we see love, compassion, service and self-sacrifice.  A wonderful practice which I have mentioned from time to time is to take five minutes of silence every day and ask the Lord this question – Lord, how may I serve you today?  Then act on the inspiration that comes to the mind and the prompting that comes to the heart.
    For decisions big and small, it is always good to calm down; to quiet down; to be still and to seek direction from the Lord.  It is always OK to say “I need time to pray over that”, if someone asks you to do something and you do not know if you can do it or not.
    If Christ is Our King we respond to Christ in prayer and in service.  We gather together to praise God.  Ideally, we pray every day and our activity flows from our prayer life.  In this way, Christ is present and governing our thoughts, words and actions.
    Let us open our minds and hearts to the words and example of Christ, Our King.  Together with Christ, let us respond together to build the Kingdom of Go
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  • Sick & Hospitalized


       For those who are sick and those who care for them, may they receive comfort and strength through our prayers, remembering especially Mary Adams, Agnes Bartoszek, John Balciar,
    Greg Basco,  Gloria Benitez, Gwen Beres,            Bill Bican, Diyamol Binu,Mary Ann Betliskey,     Bill Connors,Corrine Dawe, Dolores Dobransky,
    Jose Dybzinski, Stan Frankel, Kristin Hill,   Gertrude Kocab, Lucy Konkoly,
    Madeline Koston, Judy Landolph,
    Art Madsen, Cindi Magyar, Marilyn O’Meara, Jeannette Morrow, Dan Palmentera,
    Suzanne Patton, Betty Rhine, Brianna Rhine,
    Laurel Salupo, Noreen Spehar,  Elaine Stack, Jan Tommer, Dana Trzaska  and Ron Walk.

    May Our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven remembering especially those who are listed in our Book of Life and Rita Dloniak, whose funeral was last week.

    For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.