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    Weekend Homily
    June 25th/26th
    When We Are Rejected, We Are Called To Travel the Path of Transforming Love

    Rejection is painful.  And we do all we can to avoid it.  Even so no one can get through life without feeling the sting of rejection.  Even Jesus experienced rejection.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, who could reject Jesus?  But sure enough our Gospel lesson today tells us of just such a time in the life of Christ.  He sent His apostles ahead to prepare a room, but when they knocked on the door and made their request, the door slammed shut in their face.  What a rude rejection of Our Lord and His apostles:  How did Jesus respond?  And what does His response teach us about our own reaction to rejection?

    Our first reaction when we are rejected is to retaliate.  When we are hurt, we instinctively want to defend ourselves by hurting the offending party in return.  We want revenge for their insult.  We want them to feel the pain they inflicted upon us by their rejection.  How many times does this plot play itself out, whether among 8th grade girls or business suited members of the boardroom?

    This is the reaction of the apostles James and John in our Gospel lesson.  Jesus had already told the apostles how to handle rejection; just wipe the dust off your sandals and move on.  How quickly they forgot that good counsel.  Instead James and John wanted permission from Jesus to call down fire from heaven to kill the entire village where the rejection occurred.  What an overreaction!  No wonder Jesus nicknamed these two hot headed apostles as “Sons of Thunder.”  Also, there was a long standing bitterness between Jews and Samaritans.  It must have felt sweet to think for James and John to imagine the fire and brimstone of God poured out over a Samaritan village.

    But Jesus offered a radical new reaction to rejection, the way of transforming love.  Here is the crucial point Jesus wants us to remember when we feel the sting of insult or violence:  God is not the enemy of our enemy.  Just because we feel anger over the injury, and we feel that retaliation is justified, God always seeks to find a way of reconciliation.  God is in the business of transforming enemies into allies, competitors into companions, strangers into family.  This is the only way to ultimately rid the world of enemies.  It is not to destroy them.  It is to embrace them and turn them into friends.  But to do this, a more powerful force must be unleashed into the world than the power of retaliation and revenge.  The power is love.

    Jesus would be simply walk away and ultimately give Him life for them on the Cross.  To all of us, He would say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Ultimately, in Acts of the Apostles Samaria would be converted and John, one of the two sons of thunder would be there to communicate transforming love.

    We pray for that transforming love to come upon our country in the overturning of the Roe versus Wade decision by our Supreme Court.  From the Catholic Church perspective, there are always two lives to be nourished and protected:  The mother and the unborn baby.  We are called to welcome both and help both through the transforming power of love.


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