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  • Notes from your Pastor

    Dear Parishioners and Friends,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers during this present health crisis.  Some parishes will be reopening on May 30 th & 31 st celebrating public Masses with many restrictions in a limited way.  Other parishes will wait on reopening and still be closed as far as celebrating public liturgies.
     I had a meeting with various parish leaders and the entire parish staff on Tuesday,
    May 19 th.  Fourteen (14) people were at the meeting.  We prayerfully considered what we should do at this time in our parish.  We took into consideration the continuous spread of the virus and the four pages of detailed instructions from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland on practical regulations which we are required to implement at this time. 
    The present considerations in making this decision are:
    1.  The Bishops of Ohio have suspended the obligation to attend Mass on the weekends.
    2. All those sixty-five (65) years of age and older are in the at-risk population for suffering ill effects from the virus.  They are asked to stay at home and not come to church. This is a large percentage of our parish.  Elderly people and people with chronic health conditions should not come to church. 
    3. Anyone who is ill or who has recently been ill should not come to church. 
    Statistics show that the number of positive cases, hospitalized, ICU patients and deaths in Ohio; especially in our area continue to rise.  Experts predict that this will continue for the next few weeks. 
    We made the decision not to reopen on May 30th/31st and to reopen at a later date.
    I will continue to live-stream the 9 am Mass on Facebook.com.  Please search for
    St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church Group or watch the Mass on ETWN or the local Mass
    for shut-ins on TV.
     What can I expect to see when I return to church when it reopens?
    1.  Everyone will be required to wear a mask.
    2. Family groups will be asked to maintain six feet of distance from others.
    3. Holy water will not be in the fonts.
    4. There will be no processions, including the offertory.
    5. The collection baskets will be placed by the front steps of the sanctuary.  There can be no passing of the basket.
    6. There will be no singing at public liturgies.
    7. There will be no physical sign of peace.
    1. When you come up for Communion, there will only be one line with two host stations.  You lower your mask, say Amen and receive communion.
    2. You will receive Communion in your hands.
    10. There is no Communion from the chalice.
    11. There will be no public missals, song books or prayer cards in the pews.
    I will be scheduling and having funeral Masses in our church after May 31 st.  Presently, only ten (10) people, who were to be the immediate family were allowed in church for a funeral Mass and a number of families decided to have the Mass celebrations later, when more people could attend.
    Additional items are:
    1. Hand sanitizer will be available upon your entrance to the church.
    2.  If you use the lavatory, you are asked to sanitize the surfaces.
    3. Everyone is to enter and exit in socially distant manner.
    4. There may be limited access to the building, using designated doors for entrance and/or exit only.
    5. The door handles, latches, pews and kneelers have to be sanitized after every Mass.  With this in mind, we came to a consensus that we study the probability of having only two Masses – One at 4 pm on Saturday and one at 10 am on Sunday.  The reasons for the reduction of the Mass schedule are that less people will be able to attend weekly and we will need time to clean and sanitize the church after each Mass.  When we re-open, I will try out this Mass schedule and see how it works.  Other churches are also going with this model.
    Since the obligation to attend Mass has been suspended once again, anyone who is uncomfortable about coming to church may stay at home.
    We are still figuring things out.  Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 9 th.  
    Please call, write or email any thoughts, suggestions or questions. 
    My email is FatherJasany@st-john-nepomucene.org.
    It appears to me that volunteers may be needed to form teams of people to ensure that everyone entering wears a mask; to help people locate seating while keeping the six-feet of distance and to assist with the single file communion line.  Also, we would need volunteers to disinfect the pews, kneelers, common surfaces and door handles after each Mass.  Please call the rectory at 216-641-8444; Extension 15 if you would like to volunteer.  This is still a work in progress.
    On another topic, the Diocese of Cleveland has asked all pastors to suspend parish festivals and parish picnics during the summer of 2020.  Consequently, our parish picnic, scheduled for August 30 th is cancelled.  I will miss seeing all of you at our parish picnic.  Possibly, we can do something later on in the year when we are allowed to gather together. 
    Please continue your financial support to the parish.  Consider going to our parish website: http://www.st-john-nepomucene.org.  There is a link for online giving; https://www.osonlinegiving.com/2997 .  You may also mail in your envelopes or drop them off at the rectory office or place them in the rectory mailbox, if no one is at the rectory.  The mailbox is checked several times during the day.  I greatly appreciate your financial support.  Thank You!
    Though physically apart, may we continue to be united in prayer and support for each other.  As Memorial Day approaches, we give thanks for all the brave men and women who gave their lives for us, our country and for freedom’s sake.
    I continue to pray for you and your families and ask you to remember me in your prayers.
    Prayers and Best Wishes!     Father Jasany

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  • Sick & Hospitalized

    Please remember in your prayers those who are sick.  May they and their caregivers receive comfort and strength, remembering especially
    Ronnie Bellomy, Mary Ann Betliskey,
    Rev. Joseph Callahan, James Ciesla,
    Donna Czyznski, Joseph Deccola, Carole Dlouhy, Katherine Dolniar, Kristin Hill,  Jacob Jackson, Millie Jasany, Chris Jackson, Tom Konkoly,
    Amy Latawiec, Barbie Lister,  Kelly Lister,
    Chuck Lyons, Debbie Mack, Deborah Malinowski, Rev. Joseph Mecir, Ann Marie Medve,
    Jeanette Miller, Marguerite Miller, Donna Murrin, Louis Novak, Art Novotny, Stacie Parsons,
    John Pocius, Joe Rivera, Sue Seda, Karen Seneff, Norman Seneff, Tony Senef, Earl Sheets, Margaret Slechta, Chuck Slusarczyk,
    Peggy Snyder, Kellie Span, Elaine Stack,
    Robert Stack,  Robert Wagner, Betty Wilson
    and Carl Zelenskas.
    For Our Loved Ones who have died that they rest in eternal peace in heaven remembering especially those who have passed away since March 15th
    Reverend Arcangelo Manzi, Roger Uher,
    Rozeanne Rogers, Patricia Lubrano,

    Margaret Piszczor, Shannon Straka and
    Edward Florek.